Tokyo Gate Bridge


Tokyo Gate Bridge (Foundation Work)


Foundation Work Division

At Marutai, when we execute a project, we first begin with a thorough examination of structural, geological and geographic conditions of the project from the planning stage based on our abundant experience, then present our client with the most apt and economical "Foundation" by adding the latest knowledge and technology.

Combined Work Method and Special Works

We have the integrated system from practical planning to completion of construction backed by our comprehensive work record. In today's projects, not just a single method but a compilation of multiple foundation construction methods is considered necessary.
In order to accomplish such demand with high efficiency and confidence on result, certain level of competence and custom gears are required. At Marutai, we specialize in combined work methods such as steel/steel pipe sheet/cast-in-place pilings, and obstruction removals with super-top and donut auger methods.

In recent inner-city works, there are more cases requiring with high-precision and specially made equipments such as in works adjacent to existing underground structure or removals of deeply buried obstacles. Our technologies have been fulfilling these demands and number of complex works requiring special skills.

Safety and Devotion in Global Level

"Safety" at work is what we desire the most. We consistently encourage our staff for education and participation for seminars on safety measures along with conducting of detailed on-site safety patrol. During our long history in business, we have taken assignments in Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Central/South America, Russia and taking a part in devoting ourselves to the global work safety.